Cake "Sacher"

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Sachertorte. Was invented in 1832 by Austrian confectioner Franz Sacher. The cake is a chocolate sponge cake with one or two layers of apricot jam, covered top and sides with a thick layer of chocolate glaze. It is usually served together with whipped cream. The recipe for the "original" Sacher torte is kept secret. There are many recipes trying to replicate the original recipe of the Sacher-cake. Read more about the history can be read in Wikipedia. P. S. If you want, you can only use chocolate cake. In conjunction with the Paris cream get the cake "Truffles". Also highly recommend! ;-)

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Ingredients for Cake "Sacher"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "Sacher"

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Chop chocolate, melt in a water bath, cool slightly. (Should have the consistency of cream, but not too hot.)

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Soft beat butter until fluffy with 1/3 of sugar (or powdered sugar. Add the vanilla essence (vanilla sugar), vanilla. Oil can be replaced by fatty cream.

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Beat the yolks until white with 2/3 of the remaining sugar, mix flour with baking powder. Flour is better to weigh on the kitchen scales.

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Gradually, mix gently add the flour into the yolks. Then whipping with a mixer gradually, in small portions add the whipped butter and chocolate.

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Beat the egg whites in a solid foam.

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Gradually, mix gently to introduce proteins into the chocolate mixture.

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Get a fluffy dough.

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Pour the finished batter into the prepared and greased form with high edges. On the bottom of the form to put the parchment. Immediately put the dough in a preheated 170 With the oven. Bake at 170 C for 40-50 min. Try on the readiness of wooden stick. First baking oven open is not recommend. Biscuit during baking must be very hard to climb (in 3 times). After baking form with the cake it is better to leave it in the oven, the oven door to open slightly. This technique will prevent severe settling of the biscuit. Once the cake is completely cooled, remove it from the mold, cut into 2 parts. Coat with apricot jam http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/275 46/

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Assemble the cake and pour chocolate glaze.
For frosting: melt 200 g dark chocolate 50 g of butter. Ready glaze cool until the moment when it can easily be applied on the cake and not run off. If the icing is still glass, then wait for its solidification, and collecting it from the edges of the dish using a pastry spatula, apply on the side of the cake.
The biscuit is supposed to be very airy, light, not wet. The consistency similar to a sponge. Slightly crumble. To serve cake "Sacher" recommended fresh with freshly whipped, slightly sweetened cream. Of great importance in the recipe has a chocolate coating. Experts say that the secret lies in the chocolate glaze, which is produced from three varieties of chocolate, which are made exclusively for the glaze Sacher-cake. These varieties of chocolate go to the hotel from lübeck and Belgium. I tried to do different variations of glaze, most often in the Internet, it is so-called "Fondant" (Eng.)- a coating of sugar syrup and melted chocolate. But of all the tested variants most like: butter with chocolate. It seems more gentle, not so hard in the preparation and coating is always obtained "velvet" shiny, not matte. Watch this video on how to expertly apply the glaze: om/watch?v=uHQNqLwVP dY&feature=related So prepare cake in Vienna. :-)

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Bon appetit!