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Cupcake cocoa blueberry

Cupcake cocoa blueberry

Delicious cupcake with blueberries will collect your pet at the round table on Sunday nights. Treat your loved ones!

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Ingredients for Cupcake cocoa blueberry

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cupcake cocoa blueberry

Step 1

Blend butter with a piece of sugar.

Step 2

Continuing to pound, add the egg yolks.

Step 3

Flour to connect with baking powder.

Step 4

Beat the whites with the remaining sugar.

Step 5

Now, alternately, introduce the flour and proteins. Sift the flour directly into the oil.

Step 6

Of the total weight detachable third part of dough and add cocoa powder through a sieve to avoid lumps.

Step 7

Then, on the covered with baking paper form, spread the light dough.

Step 8

Then with a spoon spread the dark dough. For cocoa it is a little heavier than light.

Step 9

Skewer, in a circular motion, stir the dark dough, being careful not to touch the edges of the white dough. That is dark as if the dough remains in the middle.

Step 10

Stacked on top of the blueberries, gently pushing into the dough. I right hand was a mess.

Step 11

Sent to bake our cake in a preheated 200*With the oven approximately one hour. Approximately - because all stoves are different, so the baking time may be different, too.
The finished cake to pull out of the oven, allow to cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar.