Cupcake "Sees"

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Delicious cupcake with a strange name (well, mystery solved - "SaaS" means "marble"). A recipe from old, unknown sources, newspaper clippings

Ingredients for Cupcake "Sees"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cupcake "Sees"

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Mix the butter at room temperature with sugar, add vanilla. Whisk until smooth.

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Then mix in separate bowl the flour, salt and soda (quenching is not necessary, in the test and so will the kefir). And in turn added to our mix a little yogurt – flour – yogurt – flour. Then add the cognac (in the original recipe it was not, but brandy cake, in principle, will not spoil). It turns out a light dough.

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Now set aside about 1/3 of dough and add chocolate mixture.

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In the form pour the light batter on top of dark. Then with a spatula or knife, hold a few strands almost the entire depth of the test.