Makaroshki "Lazy Sunday"

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Attacked me lazy today, and to feed the family. And the product did not have much, to Excel. I scratched the bottom of the barrel and that's what scraped. I apologize in advance that without step by step photos. I'm just not even going to put that bells and whistles, and after tasting, I decided: why not?

Ingredients for Makaroshki "Lazy Sunday"

Step by step instruction of cooking Makaroshki "Lazy Sunday"

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1. Boil makaroshki.
2. While boiling pasta, prepare the filling by him : cut the bacon cubes and fry it in a pan until Browning.
3. Take tomatoes, douse them with boiling water and remove the skins. Cut out cubes and add to the bacon. Promoseven all this five minutes, that would be tomatoes gave the juice, and prototiles.
4. Adyghe cheese cut into cubes and add to the bacon with the tomatoes. All mix well, add marjoram, garlic, salt, pepper and chopped parsley(My eldest son at this time came running into the kitchen and said that we smelled like a pizzeria. Required to quickly remove the sample :-)). Again all mix well, keep on heat for another couple of minutes.
5. Svalivsheesya makaroshki wash and connect to our the resulting dressing.
6. Lay on plates and if desired, decorate with slices of feta cheese. Bon appetit!