Cake "goldfish"

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Variations on a theme cake "Slice of watermelon" - experimented with simplification of the recipe. Insights read description :-)

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Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "goldfish"

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Last time I used a very time-consuming process of baking the balls of dough. This time I decided to experiment - whether it is possible to grind a ready-made cake to create a figure. To do this, I made shortcrust pastry: mix the egg with the Cup of sugar, added the softened butter, then sour cream, soda, slaked with vinegar, flour, and kneaded soft dough. In the refrigerator is not placed, and immediately spread on a baking sheet (distributed hands) with a thickness of slightly less than 1 cm.

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Bake the crust about 15 minutes at a temperature of 180 gr. until lightly brown.

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When removed - hot cut into small pieces of approximately 2x2 cm

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Custard cream was prepared according to the recipe Polka2006 (, only slightly modifying it:
1) 1 tbsp. milk mixed with 0.5 tbsp. sugar to simmer brought to a boil.
2) while the milk was boiling an egg mixed with flour and cocoa.
3) This mixture is carefully poured into boiling milk, stirring and cooking until boiling.
4) in the hot cream is added 70 g of butter and vanilla sugar.

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Connected cubes baked with cream. This is exactly the point I wanted to clarify for myself. Shortbread dough while mixing began to crumble and bricks were scattered. It turned out a mushy consistency - 50 by 50 cubes and crumb. This mass I have laid out in the shape of a fish.

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Fish decorated in the style of "naive art" :-) thinly sliced plums and red currants. The cake should be kept in the refrigerator to retain the "strength of mind" and easier to cut.

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But of course, you can turn 90 degrees; and the portrait of the leader of pineapples :-)