Strawberry shortcake

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Tender, flavorful cakes with a taste of summer.

Ingredients for Strawberry shortcake

Step by step instruction of cooking Strawberry shortcake

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Knead the dough, pour into greased pan(rectangular).
Bake until done, cool.
From forms do not remove, if the sides of the form low, increase them with foil.
Strawberries wash, clean, put 10 pieces of berries.
The remaining shake in the blender, combine with whipped cream.
Soak gelatine in small amount of water (50g.),
dissolve in a hot water bath. To enter into the strawberry mixture.
Spread the cream on the cake, smoothed it over. put into the refrigerator, until firm.
The remaining berries and cut into round slices, put on top of the cream.
Chocolate to melt and put the strip on top of the strawberries.
Soak gelatine in water, add sugar. Warm to dissolve the gelatin. Cover the filled strawberries.
Give filling to harden(in the fridge). Remove the sides of the foil. Cut the cake into brownies, remove from the mold.