Snack sweet peppers with honey

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Another tasty and not troublesome preparation for the winter, recipe Lyudochka from the forum SAY-7. I highly recommend to close this yummy!

Ingredients for Snack sweet peppers with honey

Step by step instruction of cooking Snack sweet peppers with honey

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Pepper and peeled garlic wash, drain off the water, the pepper cut in half lengthwise, remove seeds and partitions.
Prepare jars and lids (I got 4 cans for 1 l)

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In a convenient bowl with wide edges, boil water, add vinegar, oil, garlic, pepper pot, honey, salt, Bay leaf, vegetable oil, mix when the marinade comes to a boil, lower portions pepper, drown it so it was completely liquid, after boiling, cook over medium heat for 10 minutes until the peppers are soft but do not overcook.

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Then fire off the pepper with a spoon to spread out tightly in layers in jars, pour the marinade to the bottle from clogging, turn the jars upside down and wrap until cool.