Stuffed tomatoes with citric acid

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Great tomatoes for the winter on Inna's recipe from the forum SAY-7. Calculation 1 jar 3-liter.

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On the bottom of sterile jars to put spices, tomatoes, on the sides of the pepper, cut into strips and sprigs of herbs, pour the tomatoes with boiling water under the neck (water pour carefully so the walls of banks were heated evenly), cover, p/e with a lid for 15 minutes, wrap the jar with a towel. Then the excess water from the pan to drain from the cans of tomatoes water to pour back into the pot, add salt, sugar, bring to boil, let the brine sauce to boil for 2-3 minutes. Straight to the Bank to add citric acid, pour the tomatoes with the marinade up to the neck, immediately cork it, turn upside down and wrap for two days.