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Chicken liver in caramel sauce

Chicken liver in caramel sauce

Summer vintage inspired... Carried me to prepare all meals with fruits - here, you know, in the garden harvest: encourage all the family to gather, well, it is necessary to use it for personal gain... especially that summer is not forever! It is, of course, in the supermarket always have fruit... BUT! it is pollinated uncle is a geneticist, and we have only bee and worm walked there-was a blast, it is, of course, and the traces left (there are all sorts chervotochinki), but the story is not scary... at least, not as scary as uncle geneticist-pervert! Br-R-R! Guy on Apple... I Recommend to take sweet and sour apples, but not powdery!!! Seasonings a bit - but the main beauty of this dish: it was very tender and flavorful.

Cooking time 30 minutes Number of servings2

Ingredients for Chicken liver in caramel sauce

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Chicken liver in caramel sauce

Step 1

First things first soaked in warm water dried apricots.
The liver itself wash and cut all the excess that is "not the liver", that is to Pour soy sauce-marinated a couple of hours, some night... But want to cook? so be it. Still get...
Apples my and midway, ponytails and "ass" and "bad place" - everyone naturally opisannogo the bullseye (sorry for sexual motives on a cooking website!) there are "bad" places, so all of this is cut, but not clean. Cut thin slices of the type of a Crescent, so they are not darkened (and apples, sorry, not pollinated uncle, usually have more iron content, which leads to a darkening of the Apple pulp) - put them in water with lemon juice.

Step 2

-in a pan heat 1 table.l. brown sugar - no more, and then eat liver for dessert... from pans and stay as sharp Falcon catch the moment when the sugar begins to melt. And as soon as he...

Step 3

Begin to act quickly and harmoniously put in the sugar dolecki apples and give them to zakreplyaetsya on each side until Golden brown, remove them and put in another pot - no matter what...

Step 4

Add apples, soy sauce and pepper, cover with a lid and bring to the condition. And the condition is this: the apples should be softened, that is, formed sauce... All ready! Extremely tender and flavorful!

Step 5

Filed with (damn!) "pasta" and our horns (noodles and in Africa it noodles, in Italy pasta!), but not because I wanted to fuck my noble delicious dish, but only following the lead of some who know nothing about Haute cuisine and... sausage scraps!