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Bread "What is not a pizza?"

Bread "What is not a pizza?"

The bread was very tasty - you can eat without anything, and if the borsch... Yum! So that while the bread was baking, all the little saliva choked.

Cooking time 240 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Bread "What is not a pizza?"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Bread "What is not a pizza?"

Step 1

In the boiler a bread machine, put milk, salt, flour, yeast. Put on kneading ( in my version of this Bread mode, time 3.45)

Step 2

Onions, peppers and sausage cut into cubes (pictured green onions is better to take beef)

Step 3

Heat the pan, melt the butter and varibeam onion until Golden, add sausage - fry for two minutes, and paprika mix everything together and leave to cool.