Summer salad from Lola

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This is my favorite summer salad, the whole day I can only eat it. So it's kind of a fasting day.

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for the sauce in a separate Cup, combine soy sauce, 3 parts vinegar and olive oil 2 parts.
the second Cup of finely chop the greens.

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A pot of water, put on fire until boiling podsalvage water. The first thing lobio boil until tender. Of course, now it is better to buy fresh. We just had rain, I did not get, had to make do with fresh frozen. Boiled beans put in a Cup sprinkle with finely chopped greens and pour the sauce.

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And so all in turn, before starting to boil the eggplant, again the sunflower water.

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At the end of boil tomatoes clean it from skin mode into quarters put on top of the salad filled up the rest with greens and sauce. Let cool at room temperature and in the refrigerator overnight.