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Cake "Cabbage"


Do you like sweet vegetables ? ; )

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Ingredients for Cake "Cabbage"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cake "Cabbage"

Step 1

From products for the cake knead the dough. Baked in a slow cooker for 60 minutes in bake mode. Of course you can in the oven. Ready sponge let cool and cut into 3 parts. Each Korzh cut out smaller desired diameter.

Step 2

Coat each cake with jam and cream on top of each cake, put the slices of apricot.

Step 3

The remains of the cakes cut into cubes and mix with the remaining cream.
Cream conventional oil.Whipped the butter and condensed milk. Everything should be room temperature.

Step 4

Collect cakes . The top is formed from a mixture of cream and sliced cakes. Gently flatten the cake. To the sides I of the cream is not enough so they dub jam. Leave for an hour in the fridge. Take it out and trim if necessary.

Step 5

Marshmallows melt in the microwave, added Mar. powder how much mastic. It is kneaded.Add green food dye. Well, then begin to roll out the fondant, cut out cabbage leaves and create cabbage.

Step 6

As paste is rolled out on the starch, the powdered leaves turned out. Looked like the starch first with a dry brush, then pass a wet.

Step 7