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Samsa with chicken

Samsa with chicken

Delicious, juicy, flavorful and very satisfying samsa from puff pastry or puff dough with chicken and cheese. To stay very difficult... Always do them on the road - very convenient.

Cooking time 60 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Samsa with chicken

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Samsa with chicken

Step 1

We will prepare the chicken. For this chicken as it should repel on both sides. Salt, pepper ( also from both sides, although this is a matter of taste), put in a container of layers, lubricating each mayonnaise. The top layer too. Pieces better to do small.

Step 2

We have a shop selling very tasty puff-yeast dough, so I always buy it, defrost and cut into small squares.

Step 3

Roll out a square. Put the chicken, top with grated cheese. The aroma of the cheese will be passed to Sasuke, so if you like spicy flavors - feel free to take a fragrant cheeses.

Step 4

Now suscipiam opposite ends of a square of dough,

Step 5

Step 6

Well pass her fingers around, twisting a little.

Step 7

You can make triangles. To do this, connect three corners of the rectangle of dough and semipaved adjacent sides.

Step 8

Suscipiam third party.

Step 9

Bake our creations in the oven. I put about 180 degrees, but it depends on the oven. Readiness is defined in appearance. Appetizing flushed-then take out. Allow to cool. If there is hot, some of them leaking juice chicken and cheese, because of this, they seem a little raw.