Fruit cake "pen Test"

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The recipe comes entirely from my fantasy head)))) Gentle, plombirovaniya fruit, mmmmm......

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Ingredients for Fruit cake "pen Test"

Step by step instruction of cooking Fruit cake "pen Test"

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1. Soak the gelatin in water for 1 hour.
Make the dough: whisk eggs with sugar, add melted butter/margarine, baking powder and flour. Pour into the pan/form and bake 30 minutes.

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2. Make pineapple puree (any convenient method), add the condensed milk and 2 tbsp sour cream. It will be cream.

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3. Make fruit: 2 tbsp. sugar heat in a pan (+ some water) for 4-5 minutes, put peeled and chopped (not finely) peach and plum. Simmer 3 minutes, then add the cranberry jam. Even in the throes of a moment. And then pour the brandy and make flambé! Ignite the brandy in the pan and wait until it goes out! All the fruit ready! On photos, unfortunately, can not see the fire, for some reason(((((((

Шаг 4

4. We baked the cake, take it out and cut it into 2 parts. Let cool down.

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5. Bring gelatin to a boil ( I took a little more than half of the soaked quantity), add 2 tbsp of sugar and let them cool.

Шаг 6

6. Collect the cake: the first cake put fruit. They were in vrapcici and the cake will turn out well soaked. The top 1/2 of the cream.

Шаг 7

7. Cover with a second cake layer and spread on it all cream. Put while in the refrigerator.
In the cooled gelatin add 2 tbsp sour cream and whisk for 5-7 minutes. In the refrigerator it for 2 - 2.5 hours.

Шаг 8

8. After 2.5 hours, take out the cake and graviola soufflé and covered the surface of the cake. decorate with berries (I have black currants and cherries) and a little extra powder. All! Cooled cake and .......... enjoy your tea!