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Lemon cream mousse

Lemon cream mousse

It's very refreshing – a creamy dessert with a citrus note! In hot summer, eat a couple of spoonfuls of this dessert – a real pleasure...

Cooking time 20 minutes Number of servings3

Ingredients for Lemon cream mousse

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Lemon cream mousse

Step 1

Beat the eggs with half the sugar in the foam.

Step 2

In a saucepan boil the lemon juice with zest and sugar, add pieces of butter and bring to a boil. Take a mixer and pour in the hot solution the beaten eggs, whisking it with a mixer to prevent the collapse of the eggs. Bring the cream until thick, whisking constantly or with a mixer. It will last a couple of minutes.

Step 3

Thickened cream pour into kremanku and garnish with a slice of lemon or mint leaves to cool several hours in the refrigerator.

Step 4

I poured in 2 kremanki, but much better on 3