Dessert of yogurt with fruit

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Delicious and light yoghurt and fruit dessert.

Ingredients for Dessert of yogurt with fruit

Step by step instruction of cooking Dessert of yogurt with fruit

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Gelatin to dissolve in accordance with the instructions on the package. I threw in cold boiled water = 100 ml.
The drain to clean away the bones and grind in a blender.
Clean the banana and the orange, cut into small pieces.
In yogurt to add to taste powdered sugar and stir well.
Gelatin bring to a hot state, but do not boil.
2\3 parts of the yogurt to add 2 table. spoon the gelatin, stir. Put in glasses of yogurt and a few slices of bananas. Put in refrigerator to slightly grabbed yogurt.

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Drained released from the orange juice in a separate container and add gelatin - 1 tbsp. spoon. Stir and pour on top of frozen yogurt, add the orange slices and put back in the fridge.
Plum puree is also, add the gelatin 2-3 tbsp. spoons, sugar to taste and spread on top of orange layer. Put in the refrigerator.

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A final layer of yogurt with gelatin and sugar, cereal and blackberries.
Put in refrigerator until firm.

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Bon appetit!