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Cheese cake without baking of cookies

Cheese cake without baking of cookies

The cake turned out light, airy, not cloying, even sour as I like. Berries or fruits it is better to take sweet, the original here was used strawberries. Cheese is best to wipe that it was creamy, I didn't do it because of lack of time, it tastes good, but it would be better if it still rubbed. A recipe from a magazine Lisa's "Bon appetit" + my changes.

Cooking time 80 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Cheese cake without baking of cookies

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cheese cake without baking of cookies

Step 1

Both types of cookies to crumble,mix with warm butter until smooth,should get viscous mass.
Split shape with a diameter 24-26 see grease with vegetable oil(and sides too),spread evenly on the bottom of the cookie mass of a well tamped hands,put 1 hour in the refrigerator.

Step 2

If the cheese grainy, wipe it through a sieve.Mix cottage cheese with yogurt,lemon zest.Lemon juice to warm that it was hot, but not boil,dissolve in it the gelatine,mix with the cheese-yogurt mass. Proteins vzbit in a solid foam, gradually adding sugar, mix carefully whites with cottage cheese until smooth.

Step 3

In the form with the crust spread evenly, a small layer of cream,arrange the fruit,

Step 4

to cover the rest of the cream,put the cake overnight in the refrigerator.

Step 5

Then remove the rim, passing a knife around the edge of the cake.Cut carefully, right on the bottom of the form.