Adjika "Cossack joy"

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From "Recipes for an Encore". A wonderful piece for those who like to feel like a fire-breathing dragon )) Sharp fusion sauce... For those who physically can not withstand this amount of pepper, tip: decrease the quantity of pepper, at least, five times. Please in the comments don't write that it's not a real cheese sauce, I know that, but since the author called the sauce a chutney, leave him this right.

Ingredients for Adjika "Cossack joy"

Step by step instruction of cooking Adjika "Cossack joy"

Шаг 1

Garlic peel and pass through a garlic press or blender, or meat grinder.
Tomatoes skip through Mincer or blender.

Шаг 2

Hot pepper clean, it should be done with gloves and mask. Would be even better if you entrust the cleaning of pepper to those who actually will consume this hellish brew.

Шаг 3

It makes my husband a good wash peppers, cut a lid and remove all suspicious places. I leave the seeds because they give you extra sharpness.

Шаг 4

Her then-husband, in tears and snot, expelled from the kitchen and continue themselves.

Шаг 5

Add to the pot scrolled tomatoes and bring to a boil.
As soon as the tomatoes boil, add salt to taste and then papaiti hot pepper and garlic.
Give writing a rolling boil 5 minutes, pour it into the prepared jars and tighten.
You can wrap up.

Шаг 6

I store the chutney in the fridge, usually poured into 700 -gram banks, and bottles of ketchup.
Cook separately, put 100 -150 g of hot pepper, I have enough for the eyes. But men, of course, have to go for the gusto, it's good for them

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Bon appetit!