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Sauce with cilantro

Sauce with cilantro

The recipe for this sauce of mine shared with me a colleague, she in turn, saw it somewhere on TV. Fans of cilantro, I highly recommend! Thick, delicious and flavorful sauce deserves your attention...

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Step 1

In the bowl of a blender put the cilantro with the stems. Add a few cloves of garlic.

Step 2

Prokalavaemy cilantro and garlic.
Add as many tablespoons of mayonnaise how much ground cilantro we got (I estimate by eye). Scrolling again until you obtain a sauce.

Step 3

To taste add red and black pepper, stir.

Step 4

We spread the resulting mass in a sauceboat.

Step 5

This sauce can be eaten with fresh vegetables or simply with fresh bread.
Bon appetit!