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Eggplant frozen

Eggplant frozen

Winter promised the recipe to spread. Now, finally, got around.

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Step 1

Eggplant ready. Holding their tails, carefully remove the skin.

Step 2

Vooot such they work.

Step 3

Now, cut off the tails on the packages. I have more 3 PCs in a package not put. Everything is ready. Time spent not a lot and we get a finished product with all sohranenie it with vitamins.

Step 4

Situtsiya guests at the door: Take a bag of eggplant, quickly in the microwave to defrost. Eggplant after thawing does not become mushy and soft. Finely chop the eggplant cubes.

Step 5

Add the garlic, onion rings, tomato (optional) it all poured fragrant oil. And a great salad already on the table