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The chicken on the bottle

The chicken on the bottle

Recipes chicken on the bottle, quite a lot, but want to offer your.

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Ingredients for The chicken on the bottle

Step-by-step instruction of cooking The chicken on the bottle

Step 1

Chicken RUB with salt. The mayonnaise spread in a deep bowl, squeeze the garlic, add Vegeta. Mix

Step 2

And coat the chicken. Let stand for 2-3 hours to soak

Step 3

The chicken spread on a BROWN bottle filled with water, put in 2 layers of sliced potatoes, on potatoes, chopped onion rings

Step 4

Then put the tomatoes

Step 5

Next, fill the vegetables with mayonnaise, which was marinated our chicken

Step 6

And put into the oven until the chicken is cooked and potatoes.