Chicken in mustard-garlic sauce with lemon

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It's such miiiine "kebab" in the pan for lovers of chicken breast... it Turns out tender and slightly sweet ))) yummy)))

Ingredients for Chicken in mustard-garlic sauce with lemon

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken in mustard-garlic sauce with lemon

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So... machines... [:-}

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All ingredients except chicken meksem good.

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Chicken cut into thin strips.

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Then drop chicken in our ready-made sauce-marinade (I did with PM billet for lunch, but in principle enough hours) *STOP*.

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For a side dish I made rice crispies... (wash it well, boil water in 2.5 times more than the rice, add to 1-2 teaspoons of butter, salt to taste and cook in this liquid the rice until the water is evaporated, at the end add a spoon of butter... and op lyayayaya *DANCE* our gamerchick ready!)

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So... carefully take out marinated meat in the sauce, simmer it until ready on the fire a little more than medium, the meat will be sooo tender and juicy! *OK*

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Remaining marinade sauce bring to the boil in a pan on medium heat and tormented for three minutes... When serving, decorate with greens and vegetables, pour sauce and chicken and a side dish... Bon appetit! *BYE* *BYE* *BYE*