Caviar of baked vegetables

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It is quite troublesome recipe but it's worth it, caviar turns out very tender and tasty. Output 5 cans of 0. 5 liters.

Ingredients for Caviar of baked vegetables

Step by step instruction of cooking Caviar of baked vegetables

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All vegetables including peeled garlic and herbs to wash, to drain the water. From pepper cut the tails off and cut it in half lengthwise, remove seeds and partitions. Eggplant also cut in half lengthwise and cut off the tips on both sides. Turn the oven on 220 degrees. Protiven grease with oil, put the eggplant cut down in a row, spread them with vegetable oil using a brush and bake until they are soft (check with a match)

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To do the same with pepper (the pan again with oil), peppers should be slightly browned.

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Have tomatoes to make cuts, and rinse them with boiling water and peel, then cut into cubes.

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Eggplant and pepper peel if Blues too obvious that the seeds to remove them.

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Then the vegetables are well crushed with a knife.
Prepare jars and lids.
Tomatoes to tenderize and mash with a potato masher, add chopped greens, garlic through the press, oil, salt, sugar, pepper, stir, boil for 5 minutes. Then to the tomatoes add the chopped eggplant and pepper, mix well, simmer the mixture over moderate heat for 15 minutes stirring occasionally

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Turn off the heat, pour the vinegar, mix well again, to lay eggs in sterile jars, sealed with sterile caps, flip upside down and wrap until cool.