Turkish buns

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Delicious, lush!

Ingredients for Turkish buns

Step by step instruction of cooking Turkish buns

Шаг 1

The milk is heated,but do not boil. Warm the milk,add sachet of yeast, sugar and leave for 10-15 minutes under a towel. Then add salt,beaten egg white and flour. The dough will be soft,should not stick to hands. When done knead again, cover with a towel and leave for 1 hour. The result is that this fluffy dough

Шаг 2

The rolling pin do not use. Take small pieces of dough-a little more of the ball for table tennis. Mash with your hands into a pancake,put the filling in the middle

Шаг 3

Zasiyaet edge,mash gently with your hands so the filling is evenly distributed and roll into a bun

Шаг 4

Vystelim a baking tray with baking sheet, grease it with oil (I take soft butter). Put the rolls on a baking sheet

Шаг 5

Now all the rolls are lubricated with the remaining yolks.Sprinkle with cinnamon (if done with sweet filling)

Шаг 6

Put in oven (preheated)for 15-20 minutes or until Golden brown. Take out,let cool and eat.

All a pleasant appetite !