"Okroshka" cold brine or fish soup

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Now in the markets and gardens are still a lot of greenery, and after Milososki cucumbers can sometimes still delicious brine. So I suggest you all to use it! And in winter, when we open the cans with canned, and I think - what to do with a delicious pickle... Maybe you'll appreciate this recipe?!

Ingredients for "Okroshka" cold brine or fish soup

Step by step instruction of cooking "Okroshka" cold brine or fish soup

Шаг 1

We will need 2 jars of canned fish –one in tomato sauce, the other in oil..juice. Canned get better, I had the mackerel (saury, sardine, mackerel....).Boil and peel eggs...

Шаг 2

Make fried onion and carrots, boil and cut potatoes, a few peas(optional but I put) , grate on a coarse grater cucumber, and cut a huge(if in summer) the number of greens (onion, dill, parsley)....In winter it is in the shops and in the markets, not the problem(if there is a tasty pickle of tomato or cucumber)... After all, the main component of our soup hash PICKLE!

Шаг 3

Take the pot more, and to cut , fold and stir....

Шаг 4

Salt is not necessary, try our pickle( if necessary - can be diluted with water), and pour it in the pan. Infuse. It is even tastier the next day.

Шаг 5

In a bowl add sour cream and mayonnaise and....Bon appetit and on a hot summer day and winter snow, because look at the plate - and then the greens , and summer memories, favorite rassolka useful....