White roses

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Pie from apples.

Ingredients for White roses

Step by step instruction of cooking White roses

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The process :
1. The dough defrosted
2. Raisins pour brandy or boiling water
3. Lemons be sure to wash and scalded with boiling water

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5. In a sufficiently large container to collect the cold water and add the juice of one lemon, pre-grate the peel.
6. On amazing device it is necessary to very carefully slice the apples in very thin sliced. And put them in water with lemon.

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7. In wide but not deep pot pour four cups of water, pour two cups of sugar, juice of one lemon and zest, 50 gr. oil.

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8. Apples blancorum a minute, just to soften.

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9. Put this way, cut the "foreskin" , and put the finished roses, while alone somewhere in a box.

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10. Roll the dough

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and put on any pan of the unit

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11. Gently move the roses
to invest in every flavor in between.

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12. To prepare the caramel, 50 gr. oil, teaspoon of vanilla, 50-70 grams. sugar, cinnamon on the tip of a knife, peel lemon. Add a spoonful of syrup.

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Brush to grease the roses.
13. Put in the oven below the middle, 190 degrees, about 50 minutes, until the dough is ready.

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14. Bon appetit!

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