Lasagna at home

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A simple dish that can be made from simple ingredients. Leaves room for imagination!

Ingredients for Lasagna at home

Step by step instruction of cooking Lasagna at home

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Take the minced meat: pork or beef, to your taste.

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Then pour the chicken stock cube with water (a little bit) and pour it into the pan.

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Now, throw in the pan the meat, mix well, add salt, sprinkle with spices and simmer until fully cooked. The finished meat should not be dry. A little bit of juice should remain.

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While the meat braised, knead the dough for pancakes. Milk, eggs, flour and a little sugar. Knead and bake thin pancakes. Number define a number of meat.

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When the pancakes and the stuffing are ready, begin to build the lasagna. First you put a pancake. It mayonnaise, it put the minced meat, sprinkle with herbs and cover again with a pancake. And so to repeat several times. The top layer - pancake. You can sprinkle with grated cheese and in five minutes put in the oven to make the cheese baked. Ready!