Appetizer of borscht...

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Don't know how You do - I soup is always a problem! While fresh and hot - all eat. The refrigerator was removed - the Saga of the soup over. Almost always remains half. Yesterday I still made them eat the borsch! Right, you didn't know IT was him!

Ingredients for Appetizer of borscht...

Step by step instruction of cooking Appetizer of borscht...

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In General, everything is very simple! Cold soup strain through cheesecloth. Cold that fat that forms on the surface is left with grounds. I came clean broth 600 ml.

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In half of the broth soak gelatin. Stand 30-40 minutes, then dissolve when heated.

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The remaining 300 ml put on the plate, press out the garlic, warmed up in 15 minutes. Garlic will give its full flavor.

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Now we mix it all together, again filtered, poured into molds, refrigerate.

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Before serving, garnish with egg and greens. Great snack!I advise you to try!