Pigtail pork

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Want to diversify the prepared dishes here and try things. If you're interested - you are welcome...

Ingredients for Pigtail pork

Step by step instruction of cooking Pigtail pork

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The meat is cut into long strips and marinate using Your favorite seasonings, oil and lemon juice (I have a half teaspoons of adjika added). Options here are numerous.
Leave all this wealth to marinate 1.5 hours - 2. One as time allows.

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Of stripes "braid" braids. Zaplatim not tight, so weak..

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And sent to the grill or oven. In aerogrill at a temperature of 235 degrees, the speed is high, the cooking time 22 minutes, a maximum of 25, and it will dry up. If in the oven, temperature 200 degrees for 30 minutes. The oven is certainly preheated.

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A photograph sagamiono different vegetables and herbs is not time - shomali, said that it is very good.:-D
And another small feature: very good these pigtails to put on podloucky and freeze, and then no unexpected guests and vusmert hungry households are not afraid to cook a delicious dinner - simple.