Cake "Watermelon in cream"

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Did this cake on September 1 for his kids. Turned out delicious and was gone in an instant. The contest "School time".

Ingredients for Cake "Watermelon in cream"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "Watermelon in cream"

Шаг 1

Take puff pastry, cut a circle around your detachable form and bake in the oven until cooked. Allow to cool.

Шаг 2

While baking the cake, watermelon divide into parts and cut out the flesh, removing seeds, cut into small cubes. (a little aside for the top)
Prepare gelatin in 100-150ml. water (according to instructions on the pack) and allow to cool.
Whip the cream (or sour cream) with 1st. sugar.

Шаг 3

Now combine the cream, watermelon slices and gelatin. Mix gently.

Шаг 4

Dress up the sides of a split form and the finished cake pour cream and watermelon a lot. Put in refrigerator for freezing.

Шаг 5

Next prepare the filling for cake, as directed on the package. To cool down a bit.

Шаг 6

Get a frozen cake decorate the top with slices of watermelon.

Шаг 7

After pour our filling for the cake and again put in the refrigerator.

Шаг 8

Here is our cake is ready. On top I sprinkled coconut flakes, you can decorate whipped cream.

Шаг 9

Here is the cake in the cut.