Chocolate French toast

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And again I Breakfast :) I love French toast and I have a few favorite recipes. Today I will share with you the most... chocolate. I hope you will like it.

Ingredients for Chocolate French toast

Step by step instruction of cooking Chocolate French toast

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Connect in a bowl the eggs, milk, cocoa, icing sugar and vanilla. My dust was already with vanilla. Mix and lightly beat with a whisk until lumps disappear.

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In flat form to lay out slices of white bread (preferably not fresh) in one layer. Therefore, if the form is not big enough can parts. Pour bread the resulting chocolate mass to withstand two sides for a few minutes so that the bread is well soaked.

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Preheat a frying pan butter. Gently lay it on the bread with a spatula (because fresh bread can greatly soften). Fry on medium heat on both sides for 2-3 minutes, until a brown chocolate crust. Serve immediately, sprinkled with sharney powder or with slices of your favorite fruit.