Cake "Big break"

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Near our house is a school.. and although I go it's late and daughter's early, but we couldn't resist and in unison with all the jovial children almost spent the whole day at a school meeting (first thing in the morning.. then a day.. )...what all beautiful.. elegant came 1 Sep.. everything was painted black and white.. the boys are simply black suits with "butterflies" and Gallucci girls in dark skirts and pinafores, and, of course, emphasized the solemnity of the event the white color: shirts and blouses, bows, socks and knee socks... And in the evening watching your favorite movie "Big break" and singing favorite actors have prepared a birthday cake: rich Dark chocolate and white coconut donuts... the taste of which emphasizes coffee cream toffee and freshens cream ice cream... Despite the two types of cakes and cream cake is prepared quickly and eaten even faster.. For the competition "School time"

Ingredients for Cake "Big break"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "Big break"

Шаг 1

prepare chocolate crust:
whisk the sugar (1/2 cups) and eggs (2pcs)in a magnificent mass

Шаг 2

add cocoa
mix cottage cheese with mineral water and pour this mixture into the dough

Шаг 3

pour the flour and baking powder, stir well

Шаг 4

coat the baking pan with baking paper, grease with oil. spread the dough, even out and send in a preheated 215С the oven for 12 minutes

Шаг 5

while the cake is baked, prepare the coconut crust:
whisk the sugar (1/2 cups), vanilla and eggs (2 PCs) in a magnificent mass

Шаг 6

add the yogurt, baking powder(10грамм), coconut (1/2 cups) and flour (1 1/2 cups), all mix well.
coat the baking pan with baking paper, grease with oil.
spread the dough, even out and send in a preheated 215С the oven for 12 minutes

Шаг 7

the hot chocolate cake with kitchen towels turn tightly in a roll

Шаг 8

ready hot coconut cake with the help of kitchen towels also turn tightly in a roll

Шаг 9

then add 2 tbsp flour, mix well (to avoid lumps) and cook until the cream thickens. in the finished cream 15грамм add butter and leave to cool

Шаг 10

now make the cream of ice cream:
mix 1 egg, ice cream and flour (3 tbsp)
put the bowl on a "water bath" and cook until the mixture thickens
in the finished cream 15грамм add oil, stir and leave to cool

Шаг 11

all cakes are ready, coffee cream has cooled, begin to assemble our cake:
expandable chocolate cake, spread the coffee cream

Шаг 12

spread on top of coconut cake

Шаг 13

smear cream ice cream..

Шаг 14

and turn in a big roll

Шаг 15

cut the roll into 4 pieces and fold them tightly to each other, a beautiful cut out..

Шаг 16

prepare coconut cream, grease the top of the cake:
mix the egg (1pc), sugar (1/2 cups), milk(1стакан), flour (1st.l.)
set "water bath" and cook, stirring, until the cream thickens.
ready to pour cream of coconut (1/2 Cup) and butter (20грамм) and mix everything together

Шаг 17

grease coconut cream cake (beautiful sections I have not covered, thanks to them, the cake looks very nice)

Шаг 18

sprinkle with grated chocolate

Шаг 19

decorate with rosettes of Apple and...

Шаг 20

Pleasant to You of appetite! :)

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