Bread with honey kvass

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As I said, the bread we buy for about a year, she always baked, but sometimes the bread is needed, and time it to pay well too lazy or has more important things around the house, so I often use a common way of "bread with no kneading". Here the same method, turned out perfect tender, with its delicate and pleasant aroma, elegant bread kvass. Brew bread is not felt, it gives a kind of remote touch, reminiscent of rye bread, slightly perceptible acidity. The main condition, the brew should be natural, not filtered Gostowski or home. For the dough I spent 5 minutes on the waiting time during sleep ))) and in the morning without difficulty be ready bread, with a crispy thin crust and delicate spongy.

Ingredients for Bread with honey kvass

Step by step instruction of cooking Bread with honey kvass

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In warm water dissolve the honey, then mix with kvass.
So, go on, in the dry mix pour the mixture of kvass and honey water, stir with a spatula so everything is well blended, knead strongly not necessary, only until smooth.
The dough is sticky and terribly sticky, if very thick, add water. If on the contrary, flour. If you take the plain flour, then liquid should be less or much flour will leave more in the grain gluten more.
Cover the dough with cling film and leave for 10-12 hours at room temperature, and can be put into the refrigerator for 24 to 27 hours.

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Then it will look like this, covered with bubbles and become thinner.

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Great shape (my 24 cm in diameter and 10 cm in height, possible a little more) or a pan with sides not less than 5-7 cm, which can be put in the oven, the cauldron, sprinkle with semolina or cornmeal.
Mix the dough with a spatula and put into a form, from above also sprinkle a thin layer of semolina or corn flour, slightly flatten the dough with your hands. Cover with a lid or towel and leave for an hour.

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To turn on the oven and heat to 200 C.
After the dough rose slightly, put in a hot oven, at the same time on the bottom of the oven put a container of cold water. To make the temperature of approximately 220 C and bake for 20 minutes.
Then a bowl of water to remove, reduce the temperature to 180 and food processor bread about 40 minutes.

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The readiness of the bread is tested easily by tapping it in the knuckle of the finger should be a hollow sound if the sound is "crisp" the bread is not ready yet.
The finished loaf to get, let stand for 5 minutes, pull out on the grill and allow to cool.