Cake "bullseye"

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Surprisingly, the recipe for this cake is quite popular I site not found. Could he be hiding under another, more romantic name... For lovers of meringue and cookie dough...

Ingredients for Cake "bullseye"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "bullseye"

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And... Bon appetit...!:-)

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The softened (but not melted margarine) mix with 0.5 cups of sugar, gradually add the yolks separated from the whites, sour cream and ammonium (2 level teaspoons)
The well-pounded mass pour the flour and knead a soft dough. The amount of flour I wrote about, it may need more or less, so to fill its necessary parts.
If you use baking powder, it first has to mix with the flour and then add to the dough.
A long time to knead, or the dough may become tough.

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Divide the dough into three parts, one to add 2 teaspoons of cocoa, a quick mix and send in the fridge for half an hour.

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The first white cake layer stacked in releasable form, lightly oiled, and even better with a parchment. This dough is rolled out hard, so just level him right in the form of hands.
Lubricates any thick jam or marmalade (it is better sour) and sprinkle with nuts.

Шаг 5

Now comes the most interesting process. Out of the dark refrigerator dough, divide it into small balls, and each pushes the flavor (cherry, nut, etc., as will prompt the imagination). Place them at some distance from each other.

Шаг 6

Whisk the remaining four protein with the remaining sugar (1 Cup) and pour on top of cake, trying to keep the squirrels filled the space between kolbochkami.

Шаг 7

Put in a preheated 200 degree oven for about half an hour. In General, to good Browning of proteins. It is better that after baking it stood a few hours, so the squirrels are well dried.

Шаг 8

The last cake spread on a greased baking sheet, similarly, not rolling, distribute it with your hands and bake.
Immediately, hot, cut to size of shape, which is baked the first cake. Careful!

Шаг 9

Whisk the softened butter (250g) tin of condensed milk, spread on first layer, cover with a second Korzh...
Oh, and then decorate with who knows how...