Harvesting of bell peppers

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This recipe I got online because I wanted something unusual. This confit is not suitable for ALL, for the very reason that to taste pepper turns out pickled and sweet, ie, the recipe for true gourmets. I tried it with meat, cheese and butter, sausages on the grill. I really liked it. Made a sample I just one jar. Most likely, this pepper can be classified as snacks.

Ingredients for Harvesting of bell peppers

Step by step instruction of cooking Harvesting of bell peppers

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First, prepare the peppers. My it, clean and chop into strips (not more than 1 cm) or cubes.

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Place it in the pan + here salt, vinegar, Laurel, sugar and rosemary (ground pepper not yet laying).Bring to a boil, make a small fire and keep on heat for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.All of this must,like, would, to caramelize.

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Here is the pepper after 30 minutes. Then remove from heat, take out Bay leaf and rosemary( if you have it, sprigs, if added, dried, then remove it unnecessary).

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Put in a jar(I, previously, it sterilized) and let it cool down and put in the fridge(where it is stored).

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