Sandwich Mexican

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Include your imagination and enjoy a variety of combination products.

Ingredients for Sandwich Mexican

Step by step instruction of cooking Sandwich Mexican

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Used products

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Slice of bread mayonnaise.

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Put a leaf of lettuce, tomato slices. Season with a little salt.

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The cloves of garlic to squeeze through chesnokodavilku and spread on second piece of bread. Put it at the top of the first sandwich.

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From eggs to fry an omelette.

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Put it on garlic bread. Continue to put layers of cucumber, a little salt. Chop the slices of sausage. Put on cucumbers.

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And now a little fantasy. Squeeze out the sausage circles in the center, droplets of mayonnaise.

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Around the circle are the drops of ketchup.

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Composition decorate with sprigs of dill and our sandwich with hats Sombrero ready!