Sprat spread

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Depending on the filing method, you can serve as Breakfast(just spread on have a side of toast from black bread), as well as holiday meals (if served in tartlets and, accordingly, to decorate)

Ingredients for Sprat spread

Step by step instruction of cooking Sprat spread

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I suggest to try this here, "Sprat sauce", it looks good on the holiday table, if you submit it in tarts, and in everyday life.

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Eggs, boil potatoes in advance. Cool.

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Drain the oil from sprat (but not completely), fish mash with a fork with remaining oil.

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Pickled cucumber peel, grate on a coarse grater, squeeze out the liberated juice.

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Also, on a coarse grater, grate the eggs and peeled potatoes.

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Onions hand chopped (the smaller the better).

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Dill finely chopped.

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Mix it all together.

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Season with ground black pepper (preferably freshly ground-so it will be fragrant).

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Salt to taste, but most likely she won't need as sprats are salty enough, and even cucumbers salt is added.

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Bon appetit!