Baklazhanovy rolls

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The name is common, but a completely different recipe. Try a delicious eggplant with chicken souffle. Source from Geroma-Elochki.

Ingredients for Baklazhanovy rolls

Step by step instruction of cooking Baklazhanovy rolls

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Eggplant dlinnenkie, not plump, cut into long reeds.

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Well salt. Put in a bowl, flatten with a plate and leave to stand for half an hour.

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Pour the mince 100 grams of cream.
Mix well and refrigerate for 20 minutes.

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Then add to the minced egg, a dash of salt (specify - salt - literally on the tip of a knife). black pepper is also a little bit, a pinch.

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Beat with a mixer until the consistency of thick cream. We got a wonderful basis for a soufflé.

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The eggplant is already steep. They need to flush slightly. Squeeze dry on clean towel.

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Arrange on a baking sheet. Put in a preheated 200 g oven and dry for 20 minutes.

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For each "tongue" with a spoon, moistened with water, put a ball of meat

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Roll and put our rolls in the skillet.

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Mayonnaise,100g. cream and dried garlic mix, a little beat with a fork.

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Lubricate the rolls. Put in the oven, already hot (200) and bake for 40 minutes.