Chicken legs c pistachios and cheese

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Delicious, beautiful, original and delicate combination. Idea from Carina, but with a few changes.

Ingredients for Chicken legs c pistachios and cheese

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken legs c pistachios and cheese

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[url=]Baklazhanovy rolls[/url] from rolls left stuffing soufflé, and was just about to prepare the recipe [url=]Chicken legs stuffed with pistachios and cheese. [/url],here there happened a little change in the stuffing.
Carefully remove the skin from the legs and cut the meat from the bone, leaving 2 cm of bone (to get a "pouch)

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I will write as it should be according to the recipe.
Remove the meat from the bones, grind in a blender very finely, add 2 onions-shallots, 2 tbsp mayonnaise, pepper and herbs to taste .

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Add in minced shelled pistachios(I have ready sliced) and cut into small cubes cheese

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Stuffed with minced leg, close the opening of the skin and chop off a toothpick. I closed the thread after baking-perfect face.

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Put into a form and bake in the oven at 200° C for approximately 20-25 minutes, basting segregated juice.

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I apologize in advance for the photo quality.. I still have a small piece of meat,just rolled in pistachios and fried,very tasty it turned out.

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