Casserole "Autumn weekend"

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Today is one of those days when it's warm, even in summer, but the calendar is not quite a summer month. Sunshine, so warm and gently shining, go outside beauty, in the garden are autumn flowers, twigs of viburnum shimmer in the sun berries......... Oh that's me, all about their experiences. Here in this mood, I cooked zapekanku, I wanted something sweet, but all sorts of creams and chocolates I'm not allowed, so I decided to get out of the situation.....

Ingredients for Casserole "Autumn weekend"

Step by step instruction of cooking Casserole "Autumn weekend"

Шаг 1

my Apple cut into cubes and begin caramelizing.Namely, put it on a dry frying pan and lightly deep fried no more than minutes take 2 tablespoons of sugar sprinkle,stir and add the cinnamon

Шаг 2

banana cut into rings then another half of them.

Шаг 3

now we take our cheese,add the egg,3st.l sugar(I have it in powder shredded)vanilla,semolina and all this is good mix that would avoid lumps big cheese

Шаг 4

and begin to spread.the first layer of cheese

Шаг 5

then the apples with chopped zest

Шаг 6

then bananas

Шаг 7

zapekanka very soft and therefore could not cut my plain slice:-[ I still medcom lightly oiled and a Cup of tea and go and look out the window at the Golden autumn.