Ham home

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One way of making ham at home

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Step by step instruction of cooking Ham home

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Pork should be freed from the lived (If available).If a piece of torn it is best to gather and tie it(you Can do it with a bandage-mesh to Soak the meat in cold water and leave for an hour.Then pour the meat with COLD water.Bring to a boil ,the water is drained.Again pour(cold Water).Onions cut into 4 pieces put in the meat+Bay leaf+cut rings carrot+parsley+salt+pepper. Bring to a boil ,protosam the heat and cook for 40 minutes

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After 40 minutes the Meat cool a little.Wrap in foil(Can be wrapped in flaky pastry dough grease with a yolk )And put in a preheated 200 gr oven for 30 minutes

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Cool..Cut ..Bon appetit!

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