Plums, garlic

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Recently, the scullion dropped recipe pickled plums. But the recipe is different from the previous one. I'm such a plum tried I really liked. Such plums are good to use as appetizer, or to serve the meat.

Ingredients for Plums, garlic

Step by step instruction of cooking Plums, garlic

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First, prepare the plums. Wash them and to be cut a little (but not cut in half) in order to remove the bone. Garlic to clean.

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Now take and put the garlic in plum. What amount of garlic to put in the plums is a matter of taste. If the cloves are not large, you can invest safely. For example, I cut the garlic cloves in half.

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Lay the plums in a STERILIZED jar. Next prepare the marinade (water, vinegar, sugar and spices), bring it to boil and pour plums. Cover with a lid and allow to stand for 20 minutes.

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After a time the marinade is drained off, again boil, pour the plum and the Bank are clogging. Allow it to cool down and hide for a while.