Loin baked in wine and mustard and honey sauce

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Lovely tender meat. Perfect for the holiday table or just a family dinner. Excellent to use instead of sausage for sandwiches, for work, for example.

Ingredients for Loin baked in wine and mustard and honey sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Loin baked in wine and mustard and honey sauce

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Meat before cooking it is advisable-marinated. Make the marinade: mix the honey, wine (beer), mustard grains, salt, black ground pepper - just put a good choice. The main thing that was sweet but not very thick from the honey, and then in the process of making honey begins to burn and eventually will give bitterness.

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Loin to stick with a fork so the marinade seeped inside better. I for marinating use bag (without holes of course, and thick), put him in our brisket and cover with the marinade. Trotted in the fridge. (I marinate in the morning and in the evening he did, but you can marinate before). Sometimes it is desirable the package in the fridge to flip.

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When is marinated. Take the stacked foil shape, the foil sides to make the marinade does not escape. Put on the foil the brisket and pour the marinade from the bag. On request, add balsamic vinegar, RUB, BBQ sauce http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/288 50/, a little more to grease with honey. And tightly cover with foil on top to avoid cracks. Put in a preheated 180 degree oven for around 1 hour 45 minutes (total). The last 15-25 minutes with foil on top to reveal that the meat on top of a little dry and turned brown.

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Get and enjoy.

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Bon appetit!