Cabbage with a twist

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All the products are familiar: Kale, parsik, pepper, tomato, but there's a twist that betrays an unusual taste for the familiar, seemed to be meals. Our highlight is raisins. I advise you to try in cooking light, but it turns out interesting.

Ingredients for Cabbage with a twist

Step by step instruction of cooking Cabbage with a twist

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Here are the products you will need for our meals.

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Minced meat fry in vegetable oil for 10 minutes, salt and pepper. Stir. I was minced pig beef, as well - whichever you like.

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While fried minced meat, do our vegetables. Shred cabbage, press down with salt. Pepper wash, clean, cut thin strips. Soak raisins in water.

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Add the cabbage and pepper to farso, all mix well, add 2 tbs. of tomato paste, spices if you want. I added more black pepper, the taste was peppery. Cover with a lid and protussive on medium heat for 10 minutes. Cabbage is juicy, so it will allocate itself enough fluids.

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The last step - drain off water from raisins and add to other ingredients. Again mix well and leave it out all together for another 10 min.

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Can be served as a separate dish, but this time I made with potatoes.
All a pleasant appetite!