French toast "based baklawa"

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Continue to share favorite recipes for French toast. Baklava or baklava is a favorite treat for many. And French toast stuffed for baklawa can be a new product in the diet of a sweet tooth. After such a Breakfast until dinner, you can forget about the hunger :)

Ingredients for French toast "based baklawa"

Step by step instruction of cooking French toast "based baklawa"

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Now the stuffing. Chop nuts and mix with the rest of the honey and cinnamon. The mixture should be thick.

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Spread the filling between two slices of bread and press down lightly. I have, as you can see, the bread pieces very tiny, so I had 12 slices instead of 8.

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Now whisk milk and eggs together with the orange and lemon juice, vanilla and pinch of salt. Impregnate this mixture laid in a shallow form of bread with toppings on both sides. I have absorbed everything.

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Spread the toast with a spatula in a pan with pre-heated plums. oil. Fry on both sides until light Golden brown. To serve immediately, pouring syrup. Bon appetit, dear sweet tooth!