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Dungan noodles, but the gravy on Uighur. In the trail. times lay gravy in Dungan, unfortunately, a General view with the gravy I forgot to take a picture. All ingredients to eye - to taste and desire!

Ingredients for Lagman

Step by step instruction of cooking Lagman

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Knead the dough, as dumplings,salt dissolving in water.I take about a handful. you can put the egg . To leave constantly for about an hour. During this time, to press down a few times.

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for speed, cut the dough like this, but it is believed that the dough is more than just "pass" through the hands, the better. Usually divided into 2-3 parts, roll out a long sausage, and the sausage cut into small pieces the size of a fist, or tear off with your hands and then from these balls pull noodles.

Шаг 3

After the dough was rolled into a rounded shape, fold and brush with butter, I cover with a bowl or celop. sachet and leave for 10 minutes.

Шаг 4

Gradually, every lapshinka, in turn, roll out and pull simultaneously on the table.

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Stretching to desired thickness add them in small portions and cook in a large quantity of boiling water. I make so - and- closing cover, when boiling, turn the noodles when it boils again, take out. Long to cook!

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cut the meat and vegetables

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Fry meat in hot oil, when the moisture evaporates, add onion, then chopped tomatoes, salt and spices to taste, then add the vegetables that takes longer to cook - potatoes, radish, radish, fry for another few minutes, add eggplant, beans, 2-3 min add water(optional, who likes thick, someone liquid gravy), cook on low heat 20-30 min, pepper and garlic put in the very end, when the meat and vegetables are ready, turn off the fire, I love it when the pepper a little crunchy as fresh.