Bean gravy. Take 2

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This recipe was put up. But the recipe without photos are not clear, and this recipe deserves to be seen and tried. So I repeat with photos.

Ingredients for Bean gravy. Take 2

Step by step instruction of cooking Bean gravy. Take 2

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Onion small cut...

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Fasolka scrolled in a meat grinder or shred blender.

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Onions fry in vegetable oil until transparent, add flour and fry until Golden brown.

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Then quickly add the water in which cooked beans. Stir to avoid lumps.
Next on the list - bean puree, sour cream, salt. Stir, bring to boil. Add the garlic, razdavlenny in the garlic press. To give more time to boil.
Serve as a side dish to meat, poultry. I like some bread.
Bon appetit!