Chocolate decadence

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Decided to cook chocolate cake roll from the book Martha Stewart's "Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook". And did not regret – and the cake is wonderful, and the cream is perfect! Sorry for the flat shape was brought in guests and put in it a bag) For the competition "School time"

Ingredients for Chocolate decadence

Step by step instruction of cooking Chocolate decadence

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Adapted from the book Martha Stewart

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Preheat the oven to 160C.
Sift the powder and flour.
Beat egg whites with sugar until stable peaks.

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Beat yolks separately until whitening.

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Later in the yolks, add in 3 divided doses the beaten egg whites, alternating with adding a flour mixture. Ie protein flour with cocoa and so 3 times. Stir the dough from the bottom up, preferably with a spatula, not a mixer.
Gently lay the biscuit on the baking paper and spread it across the whole pan.

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Bake until done, but in any case not to overdry.
At this time, sprinkle the surface with a silicone Mat or clean towels cocoa powder – with his help we will roll roll.
When the sponge cake is ready is to turn it on podpylenny towel, remove the paper (or until removed) and twist roll. Completely to cool it down, spin, remove paper, brush with densely mousse and twist again.

For the mousse:

Beat egg yolks until whitening, stand down.
Make syrup from sugar, honey (corn syrup) and water until soft ball (like a check jam). Operating temperature – 114 (I cooked it on the stove of the three divisions at the level of "2".

Pour a thin stream of syrup into the yolks, intensely disturbing them.

To put this capacity in a water bath and heat, stirring constantly, until thick. Try to avoid the appearance of flakes.
Remove from the heat, allow to cool and add the melted chocolate and liqueur. Allow to cool and combine the cream with whipped cream.

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of this amount, turned out very a lot of mousse, I even filled 2 bowl and gave then a dessert

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Ideally, there should be