Pork knuckle bavarois

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Already had one so - so Yes, not so... prepare traditional German (Bavarian) pork leg.

Ingredients for Pork knuckle bavarois

Step by step instruction of cooking Pork knuckle bavarois

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Peel the garlic. Garlic is 90% of our marinade, which is pork before diving into the stove.
Peeled garlic pressure. Our garlic paste add olive oil to obtain a pasty mixture, add the Bay leaf and Basil - stir.

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Drumsticks salt (you may not agree with me someone), and our marinade RUB (grate fine, penetrating under the skin. The legs can be porticati the knife in the holes to cram the marinade) placed in a container, cover with a lid:

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Now our drumsticks will be left to marinate overnight.

The next day prepare!

First of all, wash off the marinade, it is necessary to ensure that the garlic does not burn and will not smell filled the whole neighborhood

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Put the shank on a baking sheet and pour a liter of hot boiled water.