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Everything seems to be as usual, BUT what matters is what it's cooked. And prepared it from beef tails. Made of pork legs, ears, heads. But try one just once to cook the tails, dismissed all other options of making this delicious and simnasho homemade meals.

Ingredients for Jelly home

Step by step instruction of cooking Jelly home

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To start thawed tails into bits for convenience jam. It is important to get the wishbone out, then no problem. But this is a matter of practice or total luck!

Шаг 2

Cover with cold water, season with salt to taste and put to boil. I have, as always, the wand- pressure cooker. In it, I cook 1.5 hours. But if cooking in a regular pot the time should be increased approximately twice.

Шаг 3

Remove meat from broth, to separate from the bones (after cooking is easy as pie - just very far behind) and cut. Someone can love a homogeneous jelly - then you can skip through the meat grinder, and I love that the jelly was attended by the fibers of the meat, so I cut with a knife.

Шаг 4

Garlic peel and pass through the press

Шаг 5

Broth bring to boil and send back the pepper (I have a mixture of peppers) and garlic, immediately shut off so as not to squander garlic taste

Шаг 6

Safely attach to this delicious-smelling substance the meat and stir

Шаг 7

Remains pour into molds and wait for everything to cure. And I will tell You, the most difficult: after all to wait and catch up - more difficult than you can imagine!
Well! You all a pleasant appetite!